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Based in Blanes (Girona) and led by engineer and entrepreneur Kimi Ridaura, esferiko® was born out of the obsession to build a machine that would simplify and perfect the technique of spherification, introduced, for the first time, at the iconic el Bulli restaurant in 2003.

Since 2016, our mission has focused on the evolution and refinement of the spherification technique, and on adding the best professionals to the project, such as Martí Bonamusa, an electronics engineer, who has been key in the development of the technology from the beginning.

The result of these years of effort has materialized with the model esferiko®Pro, which turns a wide variety of liquids into spheres (esferikos) and represents a revolutionary milestone in contemporary cuisine.

Up until now, performing this laborious technique required manual hability, reserved only for the most skilled chefs, and demanded a considerable investment of time and effort.

The introduction of esferiko® Pro into the culinary scene marks a significant advancement in gastronomic creativity, regardless of the cuisine style. Our innovative machine stands as a fundamental pillar in modern cuisine, substantially reducing production times, perfecting the execution of esferikos, and providing limitless versatility in recipe development, whether in sweet or savory dishes.

Join us on this culinary journey and discover how esferiko® is transforming the kitchen experience. For more details about our machine and how to incorporate it into your establishment, we invite you to explore our website or contact us directly at


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